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8 Healthcare Employees Got Infected, Post Vaccination

As per the trusted sources of information, eight fully vaccinated Healthcare Employees got infected by the coronavirus in a pool party in June in Las Vegas, as stated by the Las Vegas Review-journal.

As per the reliable data, 11 of the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Healthcare Employees tested for COVID-19, and the report came out to be positive. After a pool party, the samples were collected, and the Brown Institute for Media Innovations revealed the data.

Among these 11 people, eight (8) people were vaccinated entirely in December and January. Among the three others, 2 of them were partially vaccinated, and one was unvaccinated.

As most of the employees in the party were vaccinated, a review was conducted to determine the vaccine storage during the time to make sure that everything was perfectly managed and the COVID-19 vaccination shots are effective.

Todd Sklamberg, the CEO of Todd, stated that there was no mishandling of the vaccine in the hospital. He further added that the employees have now come back to work, and the infection is not spread to the patients.

He further added that even if all were vaccinated, he wanted to state that his colleagues recognized their own symptoms and decided to get tested for the virus. They further added that the patients were not exposed to the staff as they were always wearing a PPE kit.

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