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A New App Technology to Ease Food Insecurity in the U.S

Food Rescue Hero, a technology platform, operates via mobile App, enabling surplus food transportation to consumers. The technology is also used by competitors such as DoorDash or Deliveroo.

The establishment is a new not-for-profit digital platform utilizing technology typically used for ordering favorite takeaways, substantially raising the diversity of food offerings made to the food banks or pantries.

Food Rescue Hero uses an App with similar technology to ride-sharing platforms. In addition, the technology enables coordination between networks of on-demand volunteer drivers, which is currently over 23,000.

The engaging and responsive nature of networks encourages the platform to counteract critical logistics associated challenges and barriers of retail food donation. As per the Food Rescue Hero motto, majority of the donations currently made to food banks include processed and shelf-stable food products. This biased behavior is primarily due to the more accessible transportation of these products than fresh foods, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and bread.

With rising diseases such as TypeII diabetes, cancer, cardiac ailments, and others, the global population prefers nutritional food consumption, which increases dependence on food delivery assistance.

Unlike conventional food delivery services, the Food Rescue Hero network offers on-demand transport services for a vast range of deliverable such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

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