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About Us

The Market Weekly is one of the leading, fastest-growing online media houses, offering evidence-based records of industry-specific events globally.

Our platter of news-worthy events and their accounts is humongous, with The Market Weekly releases of varied content such as news reports, commentary, editorial, analysis, and research-based coverage.

The Market Weekly offers daily doses of action-appropriate content, covering core industry-based development. We strive to support industry stalwarts and budding entrepreneurs looking for appropriate industry-specific cues to deliver growth proficient business decisions.

Our esteemed viewers and clientele base have been consistently expanding since inception, and the monthly readership improves substantially. Besides catering to the US-relevant readers, our extensive content is globally consumed by media professionals and industrialists seeking a breakthrough in business insights.

The Market Weekly broadly covers relevant events across industry verticals such as Science, Technology, Business, and Health, but going by our motto of constant innovation, we are also contemplating on category expansion for broader coverage.

The Market Weekly offers premium coverage of industry events with absolute depth and impartiality by a team of highly motivated journalists passionate about the best industry practices of news reporting.

Aligning with revolutionary changes in digital media, The Market Weekly promptly updates itself periodically to remain audience relevant. We pay diligence to constant up-gradation of online news delivery standards, besides supporting a multi-device viewing experience to cater to larger audiences.

Over the years, this has improved our range and revenue assets. The biggest strength of The Market Weekly is however, a growing readership base and an agile team of writers and editors, always on-the-go!