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Adslot Appoints Tom Triscari as Non-Executive Director in the US

Non-executive director Tom Triscari has been appointed to Adslot board of directors as a non-executive director based in the United States. The New York-based Mr. Triscari is the creator of Lemonade Projects, which analyses and creates a spectrum of programmatic advertising material under the lens of economics, game theory, and radical transparency.

Mr. Triscari has held key roles at leading adtech businesses and often advises startups. Andrew Barlow, Adslot’s chairman, stated, “In programmatic advertising, Tom is one of the industry’s most well-respected thought leaders, frequently pointing out the flaws in common wisdom.

Research analyst extraordinaire uses an economic perspective to assess corporate value, risks, and development potential. Tom’s appointment to the Adslot Board as a Non-Executive Director is greatly anticipated.”

A digital media and programmatic domain expert, Mr. Triscari will assist Adslot to transform its technological achievements and publisher base into rapid business development. Mr. Triscari has served as a senior executive for top adtech firms in the US and Europe and a programmatic strategy consultant for some of the world’s largest brands.

The Adslot team is well-known to him, and he’s utilized its technology with large-scale customers. According to my, the recent MSA agreements with the industry’s top media purchasing agencies mark a significant shift in digital advertising trends.

The Adslot Board of Directors and Executive Team look forward to working with me to ensure that technology development is translated into enhanced customer results and financial success for the firm and its shareholders.”

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