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After Seeing Doctor on TV Woman Gets Vaccinated

Nuha Andersen had planned to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine in the spring, but she decided against it after learning she was pregnant. The 26-year-old had good reason to get Vaccinated: she had an autistic son with health difficulties, and her parents were approaching 70 years old. However, she was unsure whether or not getting Vaccinated while pregnant was a wise idea. Then she happened to get a glimpse of her doctor on television.

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an urgent call for pregnant women to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine, Sean Kenney, a foetal medicine specialist with Bryan Health, talked with the media last month. He advised expecting mothers to get Vaccinated as soon as feasible. Kenney was no stranger to Andersen, as he had delivered both of her children, one of which was a high-risk pregnancy that necessitated an emergency caesarean delivery. “I just believed that now is my time,” she remarked after seeing him on TV.

Last Friday, Andersen, who is 24 weeks pregnant, had her first dosage of the Pfizer vaccine. She stated that she felt well afterward and that she has had no problems since. Kenney said he’s delighted he was able to persuade at least one woman to get Vaccinated. COVID-19-positive pregnant women are three times more likely than the normal patient to end up in critical care and on a ventilator, and they are nearly twice as likely to die.

Thankfully, he said he’s only seen one pregnant lady die from COVID-19, but he’s seen several patients who were very ill and had to deliver their infants prematurely. Kenney said the neonatal intensive care unit at Bryan was nearly full last week and couldn’t accept any more patients because of the high number of premature babies born due to COVID-19.

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