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Aiven Establishes a Subscription Business for Open-Source Managed Cloud Services

Open-Source software, SaaS, and cloud computing are key trends in technology.  According to reports, the cloud computing industry will be worth $832.1 billion by 2025. Over the same time period, the Open-Source services industry is predicted to reach $66.3 billion.


Aiven, the Helsinki firm in Finland, helps companies manage their Open-Source data infrastructure in the Cloud, is a firm at the core of these movements. 


The fast-growing firm sees it as delivering all public cloud services with the greatest Open-Source data technology.


“Together with my co-founders, Mike Eloranta, Heikki Nousiainen and Hannu Valtonen we started constructing Aiven six years ago. All of us, software engineers have worked on an infrastructure, security, databases, and private Cloud – all of the technology that operates the Internet,” said Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO of Aiven.


He likes the Open-Source software systems accessible with many sharp edges as wonderful polished instruments. They let you produce stuff if you are aware of what you do, but also may take very long for developers that may also be prone to error along the process, some of which may be really expensive.


The patterns and issues that companies are facing when things break have been identified as Saarenmaa and co-founders. “This split is quite apparent and often extremely perplexing, as you may not truly comprehend the stack of multiple systems below it. By resolving these difficulties, we felt we could make life much simpler for businesses and saw the Cloud as a platform that we can integrate all the finest of these skills,” said Saarenmaa.

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