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Amazon Introduces Cashier-less Technlogy Impression

Amazon announced that its cashier-less technology would be seen fully functional in no time at a full-size grocery store for the very first time.

The recently established Amazon Fresh Store is 25,000 square foot much larger than its Go Grocery store that opened last year, which was 10,400 square feet.

The company’s standard Go stores that have been built so far were built typically 1,200 and 2,300 square feet. However, the latest store with cashier-less technology projects a noticeable milestone for as it scales up the technology.

The new Amazon store will be the company’s fourteenth fresh location in the US, set to open on June 17th in Bellevue, Washington.

Amazon had established a 35,000 square foot Fresh Store just last year comprising its technologically equipped dash carts.

However, there were fresh speculations regarding this technology, suggesting the company’s just walk-out technology to be unfit for larger stores.

Nonetheless, Amazon has not retrieved the just walk-out technology, which utilizes multiple overhead cameras and the integrated pressure-sensitive shelves automatically detecting the items picked out by the shoppers, and still persistent on utilization of this technology in stores of any size.

Amazon will continue to provide the traditional checkout counters at the new store in Bellevue, Washington providing its customers with the desired checkout procedure.

Suppose the shoppers opt for the new high-tech checkout option. In that case, they can enter the store after scanning a QR code available in the Amazon app followed by inserting a linked credit or debit card or even a palm scanning procedure.

After leaving the store, the shoppers will be automatically charged for the purchased items in their virtual cart, and Amazon shoppers would readily get a digital receipt.

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