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Amazon Prime Video Content can be Shared as Clips Now

Amazon has announced that its iPhone app will allow you to share video clips of up to 30 seconds of some of its Prime Video content. The feature will initially be confined to a small selection of episodes, but allowing users to share video from shows is an entirely different approach than that used by some other streaming services. Amazon video-sharing capability will be available on iOS devices, according to a press statement.

The Share Clip button will appear among the rest of your controls when you’re watching a show. By tapping it, you’ll get a 30-second video clip that you may fine-tune to include the part of the performance you want to capture. You can then share it with Apple’s built-in sharing function, send it to a buddy over iMessage, or post it to social media. When asked if the feature would come to Android, an Amazon spokesman told The Verge that clip share is currently only available to iPhone users who have the Prime Video app version 8.41 (or later).

It seems like a no-brainer for any streaming service to include – people enjoy sharing snippets from the shows they’re watching, and doing so effectively promotes the show. Hulu and Netflix, on the other hand, take the exact opposite approach: when you take a screenshot while viewing one of their shows, the video material is blacked out, leaving you with only the subtitles if you have them switched on.

While this is perhaps an understandable strategy for third-party content (Netflix’s download option also has some restrictions on which shows you can download), it seems like a missed chance to allow users to perform promotion for the streaming services themselves.

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