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Amazon Signs Rocket Deal with 3 Firms

American multinational technology company talks about its biggest Rocket deal. The company announced on Tuesday about the commercial space industry deal. They also signed a deal with three top companies for 83 launches.

The multinational company signed thirty-eight launches with United Launch Alliance, eighteen launches with  European company Arianespace and twelve launches with blue origin ans also fifteen launches with a private venture that is owned by Jeff Bezos. Project Kuiper is the new plan of the technology giant to build a network of 3,236 satellites in the lower portion of the Earth Orbit. That will provide high-speed internet globally.

The FCC authorized the technology giant’s system, which the company said they are looking forward to investing more than $10 million to construct. The company needs to deploy half of its plan within 6 years. The American multinational corporation has begun testing a pair of Kuiper prototype satellites, with a launch date of 2022. They’ll be launched on an ABL Space RS1 Rocket before being transferred to other operational satellites. The campaign’s details have not been published by the corporation.

ULA will utilize its Vulcan Rocket for thirty-eight launches and along with nine Atlas V  launches for the new project that the technology giant purchased last year. The is yet to be launched the first mission was planned to be launched in 2021. The ULA did not reveal the base price of a Rocket the US government purchased each launch. Arianespace will fly nearly eighteen for its project.

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