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American Business Fervor Low in Canada amidst Constraints

According to the 2018 AmCham Canada-Nanos Research U.S. Investment in Canada Index, Business sentiment amongst American companies operating in Canada has cratered to a lower level record.


The index, which brought together 37 senior managers of U.S. companies operating in Canada from 8 to 12 March, gave an impression of today’s pandemic-restricted Business investment climate that is just 19 percent favorable of senior management.


In 2019, the figure fell from 49%. Although the sentiments about the present Business climate have fallen, the management poles have taken a broadly positive perspective on the prospects of the Canadian economy with the increase of vaccination rates and limitations loosened and finally removed.


“While the Canadian investment climate seems to undermine U.S. company leaders in Canada, the economy is projected to grow as Canada gets out. The top goals of U.S. leadership are the rapid deployment and opening up of vaccines for the Government of Canada,” said Nik Nanos, Chief Information Scientist and creator of Nanos Research, a partner with AmCham Canada in conducting the survey. The survey was a top priority.


In Canada and the U.S., border controls became a fundamental problem as vaccination rates increased and businesses, especially south of the border, were opened.


Corporate executives and advocacy organizations have asked for clarification on when travel would again be possible on our border, which was restricted to non-essential land travel during the early days of the outbreak. The current order for border closures covers 21 June.

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