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Anne Arundel Residents Now to Participate in NHANES

NHANES refers to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, a far-reaching and all-inclusive study comprising the nutritional aspects and supporting health factors. All counties across the United States have had the opportunity to get chosen for the survey. Now, Anne Arundel County has become a part of the participant list.

The survey conducted every year only chooses 5,000 residents from all across the country. These selected citizens have a chance to participate in the NHANES. The annual survey is led by the National Center for Health Statistics, an establishment under the umbrella of CDC.

The survey gathers a series of information about the individual’s lifestyle and habits irrespective of the age barrier.

The information includes air quality of the region, vaccinations done, and external factors such as what type of groceries does the region produces and sells. The aim is to understand the status of the region’s health information not restricted to an individual’s anatomy and physiology.

A team of NHANES will be set up consisting of health professionals, nutritionists, and health technicians, inviting the county residents to participate. The survey does not provide any medical care in the mobile examination center.

The participants will only be reported on the physical findings thoroughly explained by the medical staff. All the patient-specific data collected during the survey is kept confidential, ensuring privacy is protected by lay. NHANES is also taking the necessary precautions recommended by CDC ensuring social distancing.

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