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Apple’s New Design Visible in iPhone 13 Leaked Images

It’s almost June end, and it will be evident soon if the iPhone 13 series launch will be postponed this year. Even in July 2020, the release of iPhone 12 series was delayed amid the spread of COVID-19.

Many things have altered in the last year. Though coronavirus continues to ravish some parts of the world, many other regions seem a little relieved. With everything getting back on track again, things are looking positive for Apple this time. According to several reports, the company is set to start mass-production of new phone, with vital suppliers increasing production parts of iPhone 13.

In the past few months, there have been various leaked images of new designs storming the internet. All of the rumors suggesting the exact look that the company has been rumored to bring to the iPhone 13, and the latest pictures of the phone offer dummy units with great design.

According to the rumors, the look of the new phone is quite similar to that of its predecessor with some changes. Just like iPhone 12 series, the new design will also come in four models of different sizes. The four iPhone 13 versions will be 0.2 mm thicker than the predecessors and with more battery.

A couple of more updates will also be added to the new phone display. The noticeable design updates in the camera module are also expected. The whole size of the camera module will be changed. The camera placement will be diagonal instead of vertical.

According to some reports, the new phone and iPhone 13 Pro would be identical in look.

As always, there’s no way for verification of authenticity with these iPhone leaks.

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