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Are the Retro Video Games Worth Million Dollars?

Many people are fond of collecting vintage commodities that could be coins music CDs, or Retro Video Games. Most people do this as a hobby as they impart nostalgia satisfying some sentimental notion attached to these commodities and their childhood.

However, the sentimental value of Retro Video Games might pivot into a significant monetary gain. For instance, earlier this month, a 1985 arcade game was sold at a gigantic price. A sealed copy of “Super Mario Bros”, a popular 80s game, is worth $2million in 2021 and has been successfully sold on the collectibles website rally. The best-selling game of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the copy was the third vintage title to crashing the world record for most expensive games.

A few weeks prior, another record-breaking sale of a sealed copy of the “Super Mario 64”, a 1996 arcade game. The video game that was sold at an auction for $1.5million broke the record set by “The Legend of Zelda” just two days before selling the 1987 copy for $870,000.

The market for retro games is gaining momentum, with a lot of high-income groups indulging in the arcade experience from the 90s and 80s era.

Auction houses are stimulating the sudden attention to vintage games. In addition, Wata Games, a game-grading service provider, is offering certification for the escalating market.

Retro games are now being identified as the new “cool” by the millennials wanting to experience the pop culture and history of vintage technology. Interests are surging; however, the profit will depend on various aspects.

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