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Aselsan Unveiled New Weaponry Vehicle Capabilities

Aselsan has shown the first of what will be the improved armored combat vehicle employed by the Turkish state-controlled military electric utility.

At the 3rd Productive and Technological Exhibition in Turkey on June 9-12, the updated vehicle was launched.

Initially, the company official reported on June 18 to Defense News that Aselsan will update 133 vehicles, extending their life and survivability. The official stated that between 2021 and 2023, update cars will be supplied. He could not specify how many were provided from the initial batch.

The first batch of cars belongs to a whole convoy of over 2,000 automobiles built under licenses from the F.M.C. Corporation, the U.S.-based business Neurol Savunma Sanayi, between 1989 and 2003. Four distinct layouts were used for the vehicles.

In December 2019, FNSS, the old F.M.C. Neurol Savunma Sanayi, signed a contract to modernize the armored vehicles, which are still mostly in operation, with the Turkish defense procurement agency S.S.B. — or presidency of defense industries. The trucks are equipped with high-tech technology under the initiative, called ZMA-15.

The NEVER, an unbroken tower system, was presented during the exhibitions this month alongside the armored fighting vehicle.

The NATO-grade and Russian weapons systems are used. NEVER Turkey is facing U.S. sanctions in purchasing an air defense system built by the Russian-made S-400. In addition, Turkey has been expelled from the US-led international consortium building the F-35 fighter plane of the fifth generation as part of the sanctions.

Additional A.C.V. enhancements include:

  • Automated target tracking.
  • Laser warning systems.
  • Close-distance monitoring.
  • Modern cruise systems.
  • Mine protection.
  • Improved ballistic protection.
  • Mining protection.

Other A.C.V. upgrades include automatic target tracking.

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