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Posts published by “Allison Moore”

Prior to joining the editor-wagon of The Market Weekly, Allison Moore has worked as the Managing Editor for a leading magazine that has transformed from monthly publishing to a daily digital platform for quick industry snippets.

Allison's ripe experience in transforming conventional media houses into their digital counterpart has added value to The Market Weekly in its transformation journey. She has been serving as the ideal second chair in the editorial team, perfectly aligning with the firm's interests and the working principles of Editor-in-Chief.

Moore is of a firm belief that readership in etched in quick transformation resonating with the changing times. Digital platforms are highly traversed nowadays by readers and therefore creates appropriate content for reader consumption across these digital platforms.

Moore's elaborate educational background along with multiple degrees in business administration along with a degree in journalism and digital marketing have shaped up her career with industrial relevance.

Moore also has a dedicated blog offering priceless insights for industry writers and publishers. She has been an active blogger for quite some time now and is committed to offer versatile cues that she has gathered over the years with her hands-on experience across dynamic fields of writing.