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Posts published by “Jason Ramirez”

Jason Ramirez has been associated with The Market Weekly for over seven years, overseeing end-to-end activities in newsgathering and publishing. He is an adept in technology writing, but his celebrated experience is an asset to in-depth coverage across categories comprising science, business, and health.

At The Market Weekly, Ramirez mentors a highly diversified team of editors, writers, and designers, each with a unique approach to news coverage. Additionally, he also liaisons with numerous publications associated with digital content delivery.

His long and successful career commenced with his position as a Reporter in Adweek. He also worked for several years as associate and media editor for brands such as Myers Communication and Advertising Age before he found his calling at The Market Weekly.

He is best known for his extensive knowledge and rich experience in content strategizing, marketing, publishing, and blogging. With the immense potential of social media, Jason has been actively guiding his team of writers and editors to develop appropriate content for social media, aligning with reader interests.

Ramirez also is a keen observer and thorough workaholic who enjoys igniting young minds. This trait of him makes him an active mentor who delivers keynotes and guest lectures across media schools to tame young minds.