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Avatar Startup Facemoji gets Investment from Twitter

Over the last few years, Avatar startups have come and gone, but the future that many of the entrepreneurs behind them predicted has proven to be more or less accurate. Apple’s Memoji is becoming more interested in Avatar representations. Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be a metaverse corporation. Platforms like Roblox, which allows users to enter a virtual world and purchase accessories for their character, have never been more popular.

Facemoji is developing a plug-and-play technology platform that will allow game and app developers to integrate Avatar systems into their products using its SDK. Facemoji has secured $3 million in a seed round led by Play Ventures, Twitter, Roosh Ventures, and angel investors. The startup’s lightweight solution relies on its rendering pipeline, whereas most other competitors in the market rely on Unity plugins, which many developers dislike.

They also provide a complete, diversified system of Avatar art that developers may use right away if they want to. Facemoji believes that more game developers desire to create their Avatar systems without connecting to other networks. The goal to develop a consistent cross-platform Avatar system that functioned as its metaverse has often been the Achilles’ heel of most early Avatar platforms. It makes sense for the startup developing the product and its consumers, but it’s a waste for game developers to pass up that slice of the platform opportunity.

Facemoji claims that Apple is unlikely to open up Memoji to the developer community and that Snap is more significant competition. Facemoji’s startup competitors have been acquiring one other at a faster and faster rate. Roblox received in 2020, and Epic Games developed HyperSense.

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