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Biden Meets Governors Virtually to Address Wildfires Menace

U.S President Joe Biden hosted a virtual meeting with the Western governors addressing the Wildfires and record heat waves in the U.S.

The virtual meeting was the immediate state of action as the heat waves and droughts are growing worse with changing climatic conditions. The meeting was held to discuss how well the country can prepare for the biggest ever recorded wildfire season.

As the U.S Pacific Northwest is grappled with the devastating heat wave, thousands of businesses and homes in the region are experiencing power outages.

This year’s heatwave has caused the worst drought ever seen in the past two decades.

The devastating heatwave has resulted in Wildfires in Washington, Nevada, and California.

Biden said during the meeting; the Pacific Northwest is at high risk of Wildfires this year, which is the most severe as it has ever been. He insisted on immediate management to control the disaster.

The meeting was attended by high officials and Democratic Governors from Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Oregon.

Also, the attendees included the cabinet members and business leaders from the region. California is witnessing depleted reservoir levels and snowpack.

However, the administration has ensured that the area will have the largest firefighting force that will work on the ground during peak fire season.

In addition, California has urged the residents to limit the use of electricity to avoid the extreme heat due to fires.

The immediate actions came from the government as climate change has fueled frequent and severe weather disasters.

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