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Billionaire Elon Musk willing to spread out Starlink service

According to a report, Starlink satellite internet project by Elon Musk has protected a license to develop a satellite land posting on the Isle of Man that will offer blanket coverage throughout Great Britain.

Starlink, component of Musk’s SpaceX, has registered an application with the communications controller for the Isle of Man in order to enhance its broadband coverage for countryside areas in northern Britain, which are considered to be non reachable by 5G internet or fiber broadband, as reported by the reports.

The telegraph further said that, by broadcasting from an island station, which is on the western side of the northern Britain’s coast, Starlink can monetize on the isle’s fewer packed airwaves so the broadband signal can get to these pastoral broadband gaps.

Starlink already has deployed satellite bases in Cornwall and Buckinghamshire. With the help of its satellite network and three ground stations, the organization is likely to grin down total broadband coverage for all of the UK.

The company’s internet service is anticipated to have a number of competitors in the region particularly with the OneWeb which is owned by UK government itself and also works with a network of low Earth orbit satellites.

SpaceX is looking forward to offer Starlink satellite internet across the globe by September of this year and linking in-flight internet service. The organization has been preparing to launch 42,000 Starlink satellites by year 2027 into their orbit in order to maintain its worldwide broadband signal.

In June 2021, Elon Musk said that by August, the internet venture Starlink should have global coverage except for the Polar Regions.

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