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Catholic Hospital System Denies Sterilization to a Woman

As per the trusted sources of information, a pregnant woman based out of Oakland County is not being given the Sterilization procedure even after her doctor advised her for the same.

The doctor said that the internal scarring had caused fusion in her uterus to her bladder, which could pose a significant risk for several upcoming pregnancies for her.

The woman is aged 38 years and is a mother of two sons. She has been denied tubal ligation or even getting her fallopian tubes tied up after giving birth to her child using the method of cesarean section at the Ascension Providence Hospital in Southfield.

The hospital is not letting her get Sterilization because the Catholic hospital systems have refrained from the Sterilization processes.

Reliable sources acquainted with the development stated, on Monday, the American Civil Liberties have filed a complaint from Michigan on behalf of the woman.

The complaint stated that denying her the procedure is a failure of the hospital to comply with the federal and state laws. The complaint also said that that the hospital should provide a medical exception to the Sterilization ban rule it has imposed on women, as it was stated in the complaint and sent to the hospital.

As per the trusted sources of information, if the hospital fails to follow the rule, the ACLU is demanding LARA to take any appropriate action which is likely to invoke the cancellation of the license of the hospital or even its certification.

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