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Cindy Axne Explains Court Rulings against Biofuels

In the past few weeks, the United States courts have addressed two significant blows to the Biofuels industry, one ruling suggesting favored prevalence and development of oil refineries and the second one back-lashing the year-round sales of E-15 ethanol fuel.

The U.S. representative Cindy Axne shared on Thursday, July 08, that these rulings were primarily driven by old scientific concepts representing the ancient language that she aims to remodel.

These laws have been prevalent for almost four decades associated with Biofuels which suggest the increasing need to change this orientation of language as it exposes vulnerabilities to incorrect interpretations, according to Cindy Axne.

Last month, The United States Supreme Court revoked a 10th circuit court decision, followed by a favored opinion allowing a broader biofuel indemnity waiver for oil refineries.

Recently last week, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal ruled out a previously established rule in 2019 that facilitated the more accessible sale of E-15 year-round. In addition, Cindy Axne, the co-chair member of the House Biofuels Caucus, cleared that she also discussed with the EPA Administrator Michael Regan during a meet last week regarding the importance of extending support to the biofuel industry.

In addition, the remaining five members of Iowa’s congressional delegation, along with all Republicans, have also extended their support favoring the protection of Biofuels U.S.

Representative Ashley Hinson appealed to Regan to maintain his status with the biofuel exemption waivers grant to be made only to the refineries that already had them.

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