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CNN Plus is Getting Fewer Visitors than Assumed

CNBC reported that its new subscription feature CNBC plus, is getting fewer Visitors than assumed. Within two weeks, the new feature is struggling to gain viewers. The people familiar with the matter said that the new platform is getting only 10,000 viewers per day.

The famous new site said that they are a huge drop in the regular viewers of the news site. The company had nearly seven lakhs Visitors per day last year. This new feature was launched just two weeks back, and it will take time to reach many people. The channel has been there for many years, and it is free for anyone. A new report said that the number doesn’t seem to look good.

Insider also added that users must download the CNN app to access the subscription version based on the data. The app just gained eighteen thousand installations on the day the streaming service was launched for the first time. Nearly seventy thousand installation after six days of launch. It is very hard to tell how many users downloaded the app for CNN or CNN plus.

This new service just arrived on Roku on Monday but they may nit have enough expected viewership as expected.  Cable News Network is charging $5.99 each month. The new subscription offers access to a library of new and old shows starring well-known faces from the channel. The new subscription service is owned by Warner Bros. The company hopes to gain two million subscribers in the first year.

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