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Colorado Distributes e-bikes from Austria to the U.S.

Colorado-based Nirvana X Group decided to become the U.S. distributor of e-bike maker Nox Cycles last year when cycling supplies began to decline.

“We have seen our region scratching for bicycles as most others did and had the customers buy everything that they could find, frequently of doubtful quality,” said Yvette Trincado, CEO of the Colorado-based Nirvana X Group. “We know we are little currently, but we think that this range of motorcycles is great and exciting, and clients who are discerning the quality of their products desire and need, so we want to make some waves and offer something exceptional to the USA.”

Nirvana X Group is a parent of the Aspen MTB Rental Shop and Mountain Bike School in Snowmass Village & Aspen Dirtbike School. Trincado said the firm is looking for merchants across the U.S., with an original concentration on Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Utah.

Nox Cycles produces its motorcycles in Austria and also expands key markets to Germany and Switzerland. It moved to Chile two years ago and was exposed to the brand by the buddy of Trincado.

“It is a boutique with a high-quality brand, behind which there is a strong and very attractive staff that fit with our brand,” said Trincado, whose husband Francisco Trincado is also a part of the leadership team.

A Nox Cycles spokesman said that the strategic choice to join the American market was based largely on the appropriate distributor while U.S. motorcycle demand persists. X Group of Nirvana “Has a type of shop and a strong business that matches very well with our brand and is appropriately placed in the Rocky Mountains. The perfect environment for our high-end e-mountain bikes is therefore the correct target group”, the spokesman added.

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