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Complexities of Quantum Computing, New R&D Expeditions Underway

Quantum Computing/computer are perceived as the futuristic solution to global problems such as ranging from medical to environmental issues due to their superior performance capabilities.

Aria Madison, the Quantum Computing researcher, has been indulged in delivering the facts and myths associated with this technology. Quantum computers have witnessed excessive hype in the past decade and continue to be the same over the coming years.

The Quantum Computing industry has been supported with massive investments provided by various private corporations and the government, enhancing the technology that has helped develop 50-qubit programmable devices, which can facilitate the world’s biggest supercomputers.

The original story was published on the Quanta Magazine platform, an independent editorial publication under the Simons Foundation.

Madison shares the complexities associated with Quantum Computing and understands why it has been so challenging to provide an exact explanation of the technology.

Richard Feynman, a pioneer of this technology, established his work on quantum electrodynamics that won him a Nobel Prize.

He had quoted that if it really were simple enough to explain in mere two sentences, then it wouldn’t have been worth a Nobel Prize.

In 1994, Peter Shor realized that a quantum computer could break through most encryptions capable of protecting internet transactions.

The breakthrough also led to tremendous potential in business and science-related development.

Quantum Computing is an emerging technology that is gaining mainstream attention to suit diverse business needs. R&D expeditions are underway to improve capabilities further according to various industrial demands and business objectives.

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