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Cybercrimes Rise amidst the Pandemic Reveals Mastercard Survey

As per information, there has been a rise in online platforms and gateways for payments on e-commerce sites during Pandemic, which is raising the concern of cyber-security among businesses in the US.

As per the trusted reports, the company Mastercard surveyed the new payments across 18 markets worldwide.

The poll was inclined towards the customer who is likely to consider the emerging payment methods such as cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, mobile wallets, and QR codes.

Specific sources from the company, aware of the survey results, stated that ninety percent of the consumers had used at least one digital payment method over the years.

 Out of these people, two-thirds of them have tried paying digitally for the first time. He stated the rise in the number of online frauds is owned by the Pandemic across the globe.

He further added that almost 60% of the customers are likely to choose the merchants who have electronic modes of payment available with them.

There has been a rise in the risk of cyber attacks as more and more people are turning towards electronic payments. This was the conclusion of the electronic survey, which further stated the increasing issues of online fraud cases due to the lockdowns during the Pandemic.

The company further added that one of every four customers had been a cyber fraud victim at least once. Adding further company spokesperson said that there had been a rise in cyber attacks by 49% over the past year.

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