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Deep Sea Robots to Enable Seek Millions of Shipwrecks

An innovative, and revolutionary new class of marine Robots are expected to transform the search for long lost vessels on the deep ocean flow, according to Dr Robert Ballard. Dr Ballard is a notable, and well-known deep Sea explorer responsible for discovering the Titanic. He also successfully discovered many other Robots including the German battleship Bismarck and other historically significant sunken Robots all around the world.

Currently, Dr Robert Ballard is spearheading cutting-edge technology concepts primarily focused on developing autonomous underwater Robots that will reform the models for searching over three million shipwrecks that are studied to lay scattered across ocean floors, as per Unesco estimate.

These are expected to offer new set of insights associated with the life on board during the sinking occurred hundreds, and thousands of years ago. According to Ballard, the reformed models are going to facilitate rapid discovery process aided by the innovative technology and says that new chapters of human history are anticipated to be discovered.

Dr Ballard also said that all of his previously led archeological work utilized Robots that were connected to a ship. The one’s being built now are extensively revolutionary with capabilities of working in extremely complex conditions, and rugged terrains setting in motion a new class of autonomous underwater Robots with their own intelligence enhancing the field of marine technology.

Such transformative marine vehicle technology allows marine archeologists to explore ocean floors without the need of going to the Sea themselves. In the United States, Ballard recently conducted an expedition exploring Lake Huron during which he discovered an 1800s wreck which was a mission conducted on land.

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