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Deere to Accelerate Automation of Tractors with Bear Flag

The American tractor manufacturer Deere & Co announced on Thursday the company’s plans to combine efforts with Bear Flag Robotics. Deere expects to buy Bear Flag robotics to establish advanced agriculture tech. The $250 million purchase will allow Deere to develop automated systems over the next year. Farmers will hence be provided with farm tractors requiring no human-enabled driving.

Deere, and Bear Flag Robotics have been working together since 2019. Bear Flag is a startup focused on enhancing the autonomous nature of agriculture and has been testing automated tractors on the farms of California.

Dan Leibfried, Director of Automation and Autonomy, Deere & Co, and Bear Flag, plan to scale up the production of automated tractor technology to satisfy the greater commercial needs. Bear Flag Robotics Chief Operating Officer Aubrey Donnellan shared that the technology provided by the company is designed to be installed on existing tractors. Donnellan also added that the technology modifies the existing machines.

The goal is to provide growers with short-term solutions to address the skilled labor shortage in agriculture. Continued efforts of the startup have been reflected through their developments in automated tractors. So far, Bear Flag-built tractors have been used in tilling fields on California farms.

Bear Flag aimed at enhancing crop production of California farms, essential to meet food shortage. It enabled farmers to grow a couple of additional crops a year. In addition, self-driven tractors will enable farmers to squeeze in extra plantings.

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