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Dell to Develop Dish’s 5G Network Edge Infrastructure

On Friday, Dell Technology, a business that has decided to be Dish’s Open RAN ecosystem & cutting-edge infrastructure solution provider, signed into a strategic partnership with computer technologies giants.

Dish Network has recently undersigned a collaborative agreement to promote 5G network implementation across the US. 

The deal now covers the creation of 5G private wireless network solutions, software-defined broadband networks, and multi-faceted cloud platforms, with Dell and Dish working together.


The partners will develop Open RAN technology, SmartNICs, micro-edge colocation, operational automation, and other research and development initiatives. Additionally, the collaboration would also oversee the establishment of multi-access edge computing (MEC) solutions for businesses and small enterprises.


Dish will install rug-fitted servers built for severe conditions at cell-tower positions and centralized RAN locations from Dell’s EMC PowerEdge XR11. 


Dish will also be supporting virtualization and cloud-induced workloads by using Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 and R750 servers.


They have decided to partner up with marketing activities to promote Dish’s 5G services in various business networks, including Dell 5G-enabled laptops, with Dish connectivity choices.


“We will have the hardware and software facilities necessary to use the power and promise of 5G in collaboration with Dell Technologies. 

The open ecosystem approach of Dell will allow us to grow our RAN network with agility, speed and consistency, to create new business possibilities for commercial clients and consumers alike,” said Marc Rouanne, Dish chief network officer. 


Dish has signed the second significant cooperation of 5G infrastructure in the last two months.

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