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Delta Variant Raises Concerns of the U.S

In U.S, the number of covid-19 cases is considerably decreased in the past few weeks as a large number of U.S population is vaccinated. But the U.S is skeptical whether the Delta Variant will jeopardize the nation’s progress in beating back the pandemic. As the Delta Variant is spreading rapidly in the U.S and worldwide, the government is unclear whether the variant will reverse the trend of bringing down the infection rate.

It is reported that, in the U.S, one in five covid-19 patients is infected by the Delta Variant. The prevalence of the variant is doubled since the past two weeks, according to the U.S health officials.

The variant was first identified in India. It is termed as the variant of concern by the CDC and WHO. The variant has spread rapidly in UK and India.

The United States is also registering the Delta Variant infected patients. But as the vaccination rate is ticking up and the covid-19 cases are coming down, the White House is skeptical about how many problems the new variant will cause or impact the nation. It is concerned whether the current variant will reverse the efforts of the U.S to beat back the pandemic.

U.S’s infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony S. Fauci said the Delta Variant is currently of most significant concern to the U.S in its attempt of eliminating the virus. But the good news is that the vaccines authorized by the regulatory bodies can act against the variant, he added.

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