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Did Scientists Just Found out the Core Reason of Long COVID Syndrome?

The research is led by Scientists from RCSI University. Earlier work by the same group of Scientists analyzed the severe clotting observed in patients with major acute COVID-19. Yet, very little is identified about Long COVID syndrome, where the symptoms can stay for a long time for about a month or more post the initial stage of infection has resolute and is projected to impact millions of people across the globe.

The latest studies imply that patients with Long COVID syndrome continue to have higher chances of blood clotting that may help describe their persistent symptoms like fatigue and decreased physical fitness.

The researchers tested 50 patients with the signs of Long COVID syndrome in order to understand if irregular clotting of blood is involved. It was found that clotting markers were evidently increased in patients’ blood with Long COVID syndrome as compared to others. These clotting markers were more in the ones who needed hospitalization with their early COVID-19 infection, but they also discovered that even the ones who were capable of managing their illness at home still had obstinately high clotting markers.

The researchers noticed that superior clotting rate was directly linked to other symptoms of Long COVID syndrome-like fatigue and reduced physical fitness. Even though inflammation markers had all came back to regular levels, this elevated clotting power was still there in Long COVID patients.

Dr. Helen Fogarty, the study’s lead author, said that as the clotting markers were increased while inflammation markers came back to normal levels, the outcomes of the research show that there might be some involvement of the clotting system leading to long COVID syndrome.

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