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Doctors Express Concerns about Low Vaccination in America

According to officials familiar with recent developments, a former Obama administration policy aide, Dr. Kavita Patel, stated that the people in America no longer should wait to get vaccinated.

Patel mentioned her worries about the low vaccination rate of Americans and said that if six months from now, millions of people remain unvaccinated from the virus, there is still a risk of getting affected by the virus. As per the experts, around 99.2% of the deaths in the America are due to unvaccinated people.

She further added that the fewer people are vaccinated, the more there is a risk of people catching the virus, even those vaccinated.

Adding further, she emphasized citizen responsibilities to get vaccinated to help accelerate vaccination drives. Vaccination initiatives would help healthcare and government workers to achieve their targets.

She also added that the more people are unvaccinated, the virus replicates itself from their bodies. The virus mutates and gets more efficient and more potent with its variants, and that’s where the variants like delta are seen, she added.

The delta variant is emerging as a highly contagious strain of coronavirus. It has covered almost half of the infected cases in the America, as stated by the data received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As per the World Health Organization, delta is the fittest and the fastest variant to date. The data estimates that it can be 60% more contagious than the original variant alpha that has been dominant since the previous year.

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