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Employees Ready to get Fired than take Vaccines

Karl Bohnak worked for 33 years at his ideal job, presenting weather forecasts on television for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which he calls one of the country’s most demanding yet beautiful places. In the 1990s, his popularity grew to the point where “That’s what Karl says!” became a slogan at his radio station and even inspired a song. However, Bohnak’s tenure as chief meteorologist for TV6 came to an end last month. He was sacked for refusing to comply with a vaccine obligation imposed by Gray Television, the station’s corporate owner.

Employers around the country are firing Employees who refuse to comply with vaccine demands. Instead of taking the risk, some people are quitting their employment. This personnel makes up a minuscule percentage of the overall workforce, sometimes as low as 1% in some regions. However, in many states, it can amount to thousands of people. According to Washington state, approximately 1,900 public Employees have quit or been dismissed due to their refusal to take the vaccine, including the head football coach at Washington State University. In Detroit, Michigan, 400 Employees of the Henry Ford Health System walked off the job. Novant Health, based in North Carolina, laid off around 175 staff. The list goes on and on.

Their defiance has sparked widespread outrage and debate. Unvaccinated workers are seen as a possible concern in the workplace by many. Workers have mostly accepted and even embraced the data demonstrating that vaccines protect you and those around you. The vast majority of Americans have followed vaccine mandates. However, for vaccination opponents, quitting a job comes at a price, one that is higher for some than for others. Out of a workforce of 26,000, roughly 150 personnel at the Houston Methodist hospital system quit or were dismissed in June for refusing to get vaccinated.

Jennifer Bridges, a certified nurse who has led the charge against Houston Methodist, was one of them. On March 31, the hospital system revealed its vaccine requirement. Bridges swiftly rose to prominence as the face of the anti-vaccine campaign. Even before she was fired, she had five employment offers, two of which were from hospitals that had not yet mandated the vaccine. So on the day, she was sacked from Houston Methodist, she started a new private nursing company. She currently works full-time with a single patient and does not expect to be required to administer vaccines.

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