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EOD New Imaging Technology Trial for Portable X-Ray

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit recently tested out a new imaging technology at the Eglin Air Force Base, United States. Last week, on July 22, local explosive ordnance disposal units at the Eglin Base received a novel and upgraded portable imaging X-ray technology system of which the facility received training.

The new portable technology system known as the Vidisco Guardian 12 Digital Radiographic X-ray improves the performance output.

The technology expands EOD’s existing capabilities of imaging outputs and also enables a simplified and much easier view of the contents of suspicious devices. Additionally, the new feature also includes improvised explosives and unexploded ordnance.

The Air Force Civil Engineering Center delivered the device successfully across various units in the United States. Hill AFB, Utah, was one of the recent delivery spots for the Center.

It is further expected to deliver the remaining systems accompanying the follow-up training events in the next five years.

The portable technology was recently distributed to enhance the EOD flights from the Eglin AFB. Hurlburt Field and Tyndall AFB are presently undergoing training.

The Guardian 12 has replaced three commercial systems. At present, it serves as interim solutions only until the development of the new system is completed and deployed officially.

This technology alternative consists of a large system weighing more than 99 pounds. This large entity will serve as the base support, which will function when provided with a wired connection.

The next component of the system displays an X-ray which will be the main wireless mobility system.

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