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Extreme Heat Waves Elevate U.S. Temperatures

Temperatures across Northwest U.S. soared on Sunday to their maximum high so far of 112 degrees Fahrenheit in Oregon’s largest city following the record Heat wave blistering the Pacific Northwest.

This resulted in a spike in the use of ice storage utilization and air conditioning, forcing most of the city’s restaurants and bars to remain shut.

The Multnomah County, which encompasses Portland, facilitated eleven emergency cooling shelters, most of them built in public libraries for residents without air conditioning privileges availing them with an escape from the extreme Heat conditions.


The Country addressed its efforts to provide any little comfort to the city’s inhabitants stating the change in temperatures to be life-threatening, according to the county health officer Jennifer Vines.

Governor Kate Brown loosened the COVID-19 associated crowd restrictions imposed on theatres, swimming pools, and shopping malls, a decision imperative ahead of the Heat wave.

Pools were an obvious preference for the majority of the people seeking to cool off amidst the surging temperatures on Sunday. The National Weather Service forecast a significant rise in temperatures surging to a range more than 30 degrees above the normal in some parts of Oregon and Washington State.

This will be seen primarily across temperate regions where many residential areas and businesses have survived for a significant period of time without air conditioning.

The extreme temperature rise was assessed to be a consequence of a dome of high atmospheric pressure, which was found to have developed over the upper U.S. Northwest and Canada, a similar scenario that had arisen in California, and south-western states one week prior.

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