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Federal overview lacks in chemical plant during the Passaic fire incident

11 alarms rang when a massic Passaic fire incident was witnessed, water being poured up until the next day too. Instead of being home to millions of hazardous chemical plant, the Passaic plant in North Jersey saw a massive fire in the beginning of this year. The federal government lacked overview and couldn’t develop a specific safety plan.

However, this chlorine plant does not come under the EPA’s Risk Management strategies and the latest changes in the plant in order to prevent any future chemical mishaps. The environmentalists are suggesting a much more strict law for the removal of these chemical, else the world would continue to witness life taking disasters and much more damage could happen.

Earlier this year, the mishap started by 11 alarms going off instantly when the fire started. It began to destroy nearby buildings in the Passaic. The firefighters were competent enough to reach the spot before the fire reached the Qualco chlorine plant, which had a huge stock of chlorine tablets.

The fire forced the nearby residents to shut down their windows for a long period of time since the smoke in the air was massive. It is considered as one of the biggest chemical disasters ever to happen in North Jersey. Unfortunately, the federal government refused to look into the origin of the fire and said that they didn’t have a plan for risk management along with the Environmental Protection Agency. But now, they are working with them in order to develop an appropriate strategy for preventing any future disasters.

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