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Fluence- BFG Collaboration to Develop Innovative LED Tech

Fluence Company under OSRAM, is the leading international provider of advanced energy-efficient LED lighting technology solutions. The company has a wide array of clients that include commercial cannabis producers and food producers.

In addition, the Fluence spokesperson announced on Thursday, July 08, that the company’s collaboration with BFG supply, a leading distributor of technology-enabled solutions to the green industry, would re-define energy-efficient consumption.

BFG supply was founded back in 1972 with a long history of providing solutions to professional growers, lawn centers, landscapers, and indoor growing stores.

BFG has established its mark as a well-structured industry leader. It guarantees the best level of customer service coupled with a vast-ranging product line and accessibility to the most innovative technology solutions.

BFG is perceived as the genuine single-source supplier for the green industry, offering services and solutions such as watering tools and control solutions along with multi-acre, completely integrated, professionally equipped greenhouse structures.

Fluence is the exceptional LED lighting technology provider for farmers or cultivators growing a vast diversity of crops, stated Dave Daily, the President and CEO of BFG.

He also mentioned that Fluence’s efficient LED technology had aided multiple commercial facilities and home hobbyists all across the United States in their journey to successfully and sustainably accomplish cultivation goals.

Combining Fluence’s leading LED technology will expedite BFG’s expansive portfolio of cultivation solutions. As a result, Fluence’s entire product line will be accessible to BFG customers satisfying the needs of hydro shops, garden supply centers, and commercial growers throughout America.

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