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Germany to nationalize its biggest gas importer

Germany has decided to nationalize its largest importer of gas, Uniper. As a part of a $8 billion strategy, Germany has decided to nationalize the biggest natural gas importer – Uniper. This step is taken by the nation to prevent the energy shortage in the upcoming winter season.Because of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Europe has been severely affected too. The soaring natural gases and increasing prices of gas as well as electricity has been a tough part for all European countries.

The Minister of Economy of German Government said in a press conference that about 99% of Uniper will be held by the Government along with 8% of the parent organization of Uniper – Fortum (FOJCF).The reason why Uniper is considered as the biggest natural has importer of Germany is because it supplies about 40% of the natural gas to the country and is very important for the much larger companies and also the private consumers as Germany is Europe’s largest economy.

It is crucial to find affordable alternative to Russia’s gas as it is currently increasing the bills of customers. Nevertheless, the gas supplies from Nord Stream are stopped, Germany still has reserves that are occupied with the capacity 90% gas. This is why the Europe’s energy crisis are not going to go away so soon. The main goal of Germany is to get through the winters anyhow

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