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Gevo Luverne Facility Resumes Production

Gevo, Inc. announced on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, that production operations at the firm’s renewable and advanced fuels production plant in Luverne, Minnesota, have restarted. The Luverne plant is anticipated to generate renewable, fuel-grade isobutanol (IBA). The IBA formed will be brought into use as a feed stock for Gevo to make renewable, high-quality gasoline and sustainable aviation fuel to complete existing sales contracts.

These renewable hydrocarbons will be manufactured in Silsbee, Texas, in South Hampton Resources, Inc. production plant. The firm also expects to use some of the IBA produced to develop particular IBA specialty markets.

Furthermore, the manufacturing procedures at the Luverne plant will enable Gevo to evaluate and test some probable unit operations that might be integrated into the company’s state-of-the-art Net-Zero 1 manufacturing plant, which is likely to start fabrication in 2024 in Lake Preston, South Dakota.

Agri-Energy, LLC, a fully owned subsidiary by Gevo, the Luverne plant, has hired a number of ex-employees again and is employing extra 11 employees to manufacture the IBA with the aim to get 30 full-time employees.

President of Agri-Energy, LLC, Dr. Paul Bloom, said that the squad in Luverne had done a remarkable job restarting isobutanol processes safely and with a focal point on consistent betterment for growth in future years.

He further added that they value the unrelenting support they have been receiving from the Minnesota state and Luverne and they are pleased to raise the figure of high-quality jobs at the location. The current manufacturing of IBA and building their team is only the primary stage of what the firm wish to accomplish at Luverne.

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