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Google Developing Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Cards for Android

Google is unraveling Android’s integral passes system to enable Android users to store a digital Vaccine Cards on their phones which it likes to call COVID Card.

In the beginning, the feature will be available in the US, and it will depend on local governments, healthcare providers, or other organizations that are approved to distribute COVID vaccines.

The features will also allow users to store COVID test results.

According to a Google support page, the card will provide information on which vaccine has been given to the user and the vaccination time.

The card can be saved from the user’s healthcare provider website or app and from emails or texts to the user’s phone.

According to Google’s recommendation, the user should add this app to shortcuts on the home screen to provide the option when you save your card to the phone.

Google assures that the card information won’t be saved to the cloud and the users won’t get any ads, but it says that the card will collect some information like the number of times the card has been used and on what day. And also, there’s no need to install Google pay to save and access cards.

It is an excellent step by Google to make it easy for people to save their vaccination details digitally on their phones.

The accessibility of the feature will rely on the government or healthcare provider. US states, California and New York have deployed digital Vaccine Cards their own, but Google’s model could rationalize the procedure for further authorities

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