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Google Execs bombarded with Questions by Employees

Faced with a deluge of employee complaints about pay, Google leaders defended the company’s competitiveness in a recent all-hands meeting, while acknowledging that the performance evaluation process may alter. The virtual meeting came after the release of internal survey results that revealed an increasing proportion of Employees don’t think their compensation packages are fair or competitive with what they could make elsewhere.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, and other senior executives read top submissions from Dory, a site where Employees ask questions and give thumbs up to those they want leadership to address, at all-hands meetings. The annual “Googlegeist” survey was the second most popular question ahead of the March conference. According to CNBC, the survey’s lowest results were in the areas of compensation and execution, which were sent out to staff in January.

“What is your understanding of why compensation-related questions have decreased the most from previous year?” Pichai read the employee submissions aloud. Only 46% of respondents believed their total income is competitive when compared to similar jobs at other organisations, according to the study results. The first to answer was Bret Hill. Hill is Google’s vice president of “Total Rewards,” which includes pay and stock options.

Engineers have traditionally regarded Google as the place to work in Silicon Valley for top compensation and benefits. The corporation, however, is facing a significant struggle in maintaining that status, as a combination of rising inflation rates and a four-month slump in tech stocks, despite a strong surge last year, has put staff on edge. A Google spokeswoman told CNBC that Employees are well compensated and that the firm values feedback.

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