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GoPuff Acquires Liquor Barn

GoPuff, Philadelphia-based consumer goods, and food delivery service operator, is functional across over 650 cities of the United States. As a result, GoPuff has emerged as the resort for every and any immediate essential day-to-day needs.

On Monday, June 21, the company announced the successful acquisition of Liquor Barn. Liquor Barn is one of Kentucky’s largest leading independent businesses with chains of wine stores, beer, and liquor stores operational through a private equity firm called the Blue Equity.

The deal between GoPuff and Liquor Barn provides the former with easy accessibility to Liquor Barn’s strong infrastructure along with its established customer base and the streamlined, unique product assortment.

This range of offering availed will help accelerate Gopuff’s scale significantly by establishing itself a firm leadership identity in the Instant Needs category. In addition, the acquisition particularly widens Gopuff’s expansion in Kentucky, providing the company to interact with a large base of new customers, 80% of the customers being Louisville and Lexington residents.

Both the brands will deliver new products and essential products such as baby products, pet products, cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medicine, and other topical products, food, and alcohol, along with local favorites.

The deal signifies a relevant advantage for Kentucky’s bourbon industry with the unique positioning of GoPuff, which will primarily work with a network of distributors expanding the access to new products nationwide, supporting the Liquor barns employee strength.

Additionally, the contract will enable offering new products to customers within the state by instant delivery services.

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