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HIV Prevention Pill will now be covered in Insurance

Reliable sources revealed a significant change in the healthcare industry, likely to bring massive transformation in the efforts taken by national HIV prevention organizations.

Recently, the federal government announced that most health insurers must offer HIV coverage through the HIV prevention pill, known as the PrEP, without any additional costs from the individuals.

Therefore, the development must also include the drug itself and the hospital visits and lab tests.

This states that if the drugs for HIV, such as Descovy and Truvada, are prescribed to an individual, the two currently approved PrEps, the insured should be receiving it for free.

However, the doctor prescribing the drug should be an insurer that Descovy is necessary for the patient to qualify for the zero cost-sharing for the use of this drug, which will help prevent HIV.

As per reliable sources, the concerned authorities have stated that the insurers have 60 days to include the feature in their plans and comply with the mandate.

The rule further states that they are not supposed to charge the individuals with any copays or deductible payments for the lab visits that are likely to be required.

As per the trusted sources of data, the insurers were not allowed to charge any out-of-pocket fees to the members at the beginning of this year. This act by the government gives access to PrEP to the low-income individuals in the country.

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