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Hong Kong Based American Companies Affected by the U.S-China Feud

Biden administration‘s warning to Hong Kong-based business groups of security risks of operating in the country has made the companies more challenging to navigate. The national security law devised by the Chinese government in the Chinese territory last year has prompted the U.S to warn the Hong Kong companies.

Regarding this, the U.S business advisory warned Hong Kong companies of greater surveillance of commercial data and cited that the companies may face security threats as well as freedom of information. The U.S business advisory warned about the security risks as the free media in Hong Kong last year was clamped down.

However, the companies said they are already aware of the security risks and complained that the warning released by the U.S business advisory has made it more difficult to continue operating in the country. The general tone of the business people was that “there is no need of other people to tell them about the security risks and how to manage the risks,” referring to the U.S business advisory.

Following the warning released by the advisory, the American Chamber of Commerce released a statement citing emphasis on the value its members placed on operating in the city.

The President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Tara Joseph, said in response to the next statement that this had added one more layer of complexity of working as an American business person in Honk Kong.

She prompted, “such statements been laid out may indicate people that there is more security risk of getting crushed between China and U.S despite Hong Kong has special qualities.”

Last year, the national security law by China had targeted the disloyal firms to Beijing by the Chinese government and civil service, and other institutions.

But the shift has not targeted the banks and foreign companies expecting advantage of China’s economic recovery from the covid-19 pandemic and more market liberalization.

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