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Ice Shelf Saving the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica is Breaking Fast

A video captured by a satellite shows that the Ice Shelf that was protecting the glacier is breaking very fast than ever before.

The Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica looks more vulnerable in the captured video. The video shows that the shelf that protects the glacier from collapsing into the sea is breaking fast, which is creating huge icebergs in the sea nearby.

The speed of the shelf breaking faster accelerated in 2017, which has caused the scientists to worry.

Scientists are worrying that climate change could cause the glacier to collapse even faster than predicted before.

The shelf holds the glaciers from melting faster and also prevents a large mass of the glacier from flowing into the sea.

According to a study, the Ice Shelf has melted by 12 miles in three years from 2017 to 2020. The breaking shelf was caught in the video from a European satellite.

The European satellite takes pictures and videos of the satellite every six days.

The study led by the author Ian Joughin said the Ice Shelf is just tearing apart. He said the breaking of the shelf is weakening the glacier. He says the shelf is lost by almost 20%.

From the year 2017 to 2020, there were three large breakups. The breakups created icebergs of more than 5 miles long.

The icebergs later split into smaller pieces. The Ice Shelf may go away in the coming year, pointed Joughin.

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