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Increased Risk of Still Birth Linked to Delta Variant

According to two new studies published on Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pregnant women who contract the delta variation are more likely to have a Still Birth or die after childbirth. The study adds to accounts from clinicians around the country who have seen an unprecedented increase in pregnant women falling seriously ill due to Covid-19, primarily as the highly contagious form has spread. In addition, covid-19 infection is causing a lot of pregnancy difficulties. Premature births, excessively high blood pressure in pregnant women, and pregnancy loss are among the risks, according to Ragsdale, who was not part of the new study.

One of the latest studies looked at the results of over 1.2 million pregnancies that occurred between March 2020 and September this year across the country. Before the epidemic, Still Birth were uncommon in the United States, with a rate of.59 percent. Even when the pandemic hit, those percentages remained the same, at.64 percent among women who had never been diagnosed with Covid. But, according to the CDC data, the rate of Still Birth among pregnant moms infected with the coronavirus increased.98 percent. And after the delta variation was introduced in July of this year, the rates skyrocketed: 2.7 percent of Covid-positive pregnancies resulted in Still Birth.

Although the study does not indicate that the delta version causes more fetal death, obstetricians are increasingly noticing significant disparities in how much oxygen fetuses can absorb depending on whether their moms have been diagnosed with Covid. Ragsdale and her colleagues have seen that pregnant women with Covid have trouble getting oxygen-rich blood to their growing fetuses, according to Ragsdale. Although the CDC investigation did not look at vaccination status, experts believe that unvaccinated pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. According to the CDC, just under a third of pregnant women had been vaccinated against Covid when the delta strain took hold in July. The CDC revealed that 348 pregnancies were lost among 34,016 Covid-positive pregnant women.

Furthermore, the infection might be fatal to the mother, especially if she has a pre-existing medical condition. A separate CDC investigation released on Friday looked into 15 deaths in Mississippi among Covid-positive pregnant women. Almost everyone had a long-term health problem, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. None of the animals had been fully immunized. In September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health advisory advising pregnant women to get vaccinated against Covid. “We have proof that the vaccine has no higher risk of miscarriage or poor pregnancy outcomes,” said Dr. Zsakeba Henderson, the March of Dimes’ deputy chief medical and health officer.

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