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Is Facebook trying to copy Nextdoor in Group Feature Offerings?

Facebook is adopting various features like Nextdoor for the improvement in its group feature. The only issue is that it seems to be adopting Nextdoor‘s more divisive ideas: offering extra power to community moderators.


On Wednesday, Facebook announced that they are making a big improvement in their group feature by offering more power to the groups’ community moderators. 


Now the admin gets to decide whom to keep in a group based on their time in the group to avoid controversial debates among groups. With these changes, Facebook will depend more on unpaid group admins by offering them special privileges for group conversation management to maintain a healthy and safe culture.  


Furthermore, several other features have also been introduced to Facebook’s group feature, including activity monitoring of individual activity from the group and AI-driven alerts that point out unhealthy and contentious conversations. 

When asked about the new features being similar to Nextdoor‘s group features, the spokesperson of Facebook, Leonard Lam denied it entirely. He added that the new features reflect direct feedback from the moderators.


The features might work in a different way for Facebook. Apparently, it isn’t the only feature Facebook adopted that is similar to Nextdoor‘s. 


Facebook is also ready to launch it in the US as Neighborhoods. It is already existent in Canada, which is again very similar to Nextdoor‘s group feature that enables group access, which is restricted to particular geographic areas.


Both Nextdoor and Facebook appear to be offering AI-powered community moderation and groups-based interactions as they both struggle to deal with toxic discourse, racism, and misinformation.

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