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Israel Bets Billions for Venture Company Insight as and WalkMe go Public

In April, Jeff Horing from Insight Partners set off for breakfasts with tech CEOs on a trip to Israel


It was also a chance to pay a visit to his company’s first overseas office, which had opened less than two years ago. Now, in New York, he is visited by CEOs from two of the firms. 


They are belling on the Nasdaq as high-growth businesses from Israel join public markets.

Last week, the seller of SaaS collaborative software-as-a-service, hosted an IPO and concluded with a market valuation of $8.2 billion on Friday. 


This week, Israeli firm WalkMe is expected to publish a value of up to $2.6 billion, with its technology geared to ease business software and software applications.


In both, Insight is the prominent investor. The company holds 43% of and controls WalkMe by 32%. Currently, their combined stake is around 3.9 billion dollars in both firms.


Jeff Horing said in an e-mail in answer to the written questions, “Israel has long been the start-up centre and a swarm of activity. “But these start-ups are scaling at a quicker rate successfully.”


Money floods Israeli technology. In the first quarter, start-ups in the country raised $5.37 billion, more than twice their value a year earlier and 89 percent more than in the fourth quarter, a record period, research says.


Insight said that in late 2019, an Israeli operation marked the company’s first foreign office, which opened in 1995, outside the USA. For nearly two decades, though, Insight has invested in and around Tel-Aviv.

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