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Johnson & Johnson to End Sale of Talc-Based Baby Powder Globally in 2023

More than two years after ceasing sales in the United States and Canada, Johnson & Johnson announced on Thursday that it will stop selling its talc-based Baby Powder internationally in 2023. According to a statement sent to Fox Business, “as part of a global portfolio evaluation, we have made the commercial decision to shift to an all cornstarch-based Baby Powder portfolio.”

Johnson & Johnson declared in 2020 that it will cease selling its talc-based Baby Powder in the US and Canada because of “misleading” information about the product’s safety. About 38,000 lawsuits have been filed against the corporation by consumers and the survivors of those who have died from cancer, alleging that asbestos, a proven carcinogen, was included in the talc goods.

Johnson & Johnson refutes the accusations, claiming that decades of research and regulatory approvals have demonstrated the safety of their talc and that it “does not contain asbestos or cause cancer.” The ongoing cases were put on hold when Johnson & Johnson split out its LTL Management business in October, transferred its talc claims to it, and then quickly declared it bankrupt. Talc is extracted from the soil and is located in seams next to asbestos, a substance considered to be carcinogenic.

According to a Reuters investigation from 2018, J&J has long known that asbestos was contained in its talc products. According to Reuters, J&J’s finished powders and raw talc occasionally tested positive for trace levels of asbestos from at least 1971 through the early 2000s, according to corporate documents, trial testimony, and other evidence.

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