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June 7th to Mark NASA’s Jovian Exploration Expedition with Juno Spacecraft Launch

June 7th, 2021, is all set to mark one of the biggest space expeditions as NASA releases its ambitious Juno Spacecraft to Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter moons.

The last expedition of such space explorations happened two decades back in 2000 when NASA set its Galileo spacecraft on Ganymede exploration. Juno Spacecraft is designed to render clear insights into Ganymede’s imagery, ionosphere, composition, ice shell, and magnetosphere.

It is expected that the insightful details rendered by Juno Spacecraft would help understand the radiation environment of Ganymede.

These crucial details would further help design improved exploratory plans for Jovian systems. The Jovian system consists of Jupiter along with its moons and rings.

Dimension-wise, Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede is bigger even than the planet Mercury. Scientific revelations also claim Ganymede as the only natural orbit with a magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is a halo-like region of charged particles surrounding the celestial body like a bubble.

According to officials familiar with the event said, Juno Spacecraft is power-packed with high-tech scientific instruments that will enable unique views of the Jovian moon, expected to catapult novel studies.

Commenting on the event, Southwest Research Institutes’ Scott Bolton said, such a close flight near Ganymede would expedite further exploratory missions. Highly advanced sensor-based devices attached to Juno Spacecraft would pave development in European Space Agency’s JUICE mission and NASA’s Europa Clipper.

Juno would activate data collection three hours ahead of its closest approach to Ganymede. Vital revelations by NASA suggest advanced space exploration devices such as Ultraviolet Spectrograph, Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper, and Microwave Radiometer integration to Juno that would help gauge into Ganymede’s temperature, composition, and ice-crust.

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