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Lakes drying up in the Western United States Creates Havoc

The office of Bob Martin, which has the floor-to-ceiling office windows overlooking Lakes Powell, has been a constant source of stress and tension for a long time now.

Over the last seven years, the division manager of the Glen Canyon Dam field has been taking a seat in the front row, which is looking at the water levels of the country as the second largest reservoir is on a rapid shrink.

Martin further added that people should be aware of the fact that this is not like the national deficit where they can just go and say that they are going to print more money.

He further added that the people are talking about tangible and finite commodities. It is not in the control of humans to make rains or even to make more water. He mentioned and stated that we, the people around, should do something about the issue.

Over the last few decades, Lake Powell and Lake Mead have been huge reservoirs for saving water for the people who are located in the western part of the United States.

These are the two lakes that have been enabling the western farming culture as well as to have stable water supply to the cities like Los Angeles and Denver even after the mega drought condition of 21 years.

But in today’s time, these lakes are only filled to about 33% of their capacity, which are the lowest lows in history.

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